The NDIA have announced some significant changes in the price guide that relate to group supports and these will make it necessary for Sharing Places to make changes to the way we charge for some of the current supports.  Thankfully, the NDIA have provided us with 12 months to transition over to the new pricing methodology, so we will be providing you with more information as we work towards changing our systems and adapting to the new rules.  If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact Mary-Ann Kal on 6290 1964.

The Minister for NDIS, Stuart Robert, recently announced their commitment towards delivering the next phase of the Scheme to give participants more flexibility, control and better service.  You can see a video about his announcement, as well as an address by the CEO of the NDIA about the new Participant Service Improvement Plan here.

View a video announcement from the Minister for the NDIS, the Hon Stuart Robert MP -

View a brief video explaining the Participant Service Charter, Service Improvement Plan and independent assessments with the NDIA's CEO, Martin Hoffman, and General Manager Communications and Engagement, Jamie Lowe -

COVID 19 Vaccine Update

The Australian Government Department of Health, has published a new factsheet on the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Please go to the following website to download your copy.

The ACT Chief Health Officer has provided the following advice.

The ACT Government is working in partnership with the Australian Government to deliver a safe, effective and targeted COVID-19 vaccination program here in the ACT.  Canberrans who need it most will be first in line to be vaccinated. Initially, this includes people with a higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms as well as those who - because of the work they do or for other reasons “ are at greater risk of exposure, infection or of transmitting the virus. It will be free and voluntary to get vaccinated.  From 22 February, the ACT Government will begin vaccinating people eligible under Phase 1a of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. 

We understand that people will have lots of questions about the vaccines and want to know more. The ACT Government is committed to communicating openly and in a timely way about the vaccine roll out  “ so Canberrans will know when they can get the vaccine, how to get it and what to do when their time comes.  Over the coming months the ACT Government will be undertaking wide ranging communications to inform Canberrans about the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine here in the ACT. 

You can find more information here

COVID 19 Update

While there have been no new cases of COVID-19 in the ACT for some time, the threat of new outbreaks is ever-present.  As always, our COVID Safe Plans are active and being implemented, as are our individual COVID Risk Assessments.  As new COVID-19 hotspots are identified, the ACT Government is issuing directives for people travelling over the border, including self-quarantining rules and recommendations for COVID-19 testing.  If you have been travelling interstate recently, please check the ACT Government COVID-19 website regularly for updates on COVID-19 hotspots and directives from ACT Health.

Sharing Places continues to provide quality support for people with disabilities in the community and the following is a list of the type of activities currently being enjoyed:

 ·       Outdoor exercise at Commonwealth Park, Pine Island, Weston Park, Edison Park, and Black Mountain Peninsula

·       Spare parts deliveries

·       Hertz car washing and vehicle cleaning

·       Golf, badminton, and soccer skills on the local ovals

·       Recycling

·       Gardening 

.      Swimming

.      Cafe Visits

.      Gym

Our indoor activities include:

 ·       Online activities including movies, yoga, and storytelling

·       Music Therapy - individual sessions

·       Music Engagement which has adapted to the current environment by bringing people together to enjoy music via an online portal

·       Working on café skills development

·       Cooking

.       Massage

·       Choice book activities

·       Art and craft

·       Laundry

·       Indoor sports/ Exercises

·       Meywalking

·       Games and puzzles

·       Office duties

.       Money handling/ numeracy skills development

We will continue to review activities in line with further easing of restrictions.

The Australian Government Department of Health has created a webpage containing COVID-19 advice for people with disability. Click the following link for further information.



The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic poses a major threat to the health and wellbeing of the Australian community and a significant economic and financial challenge for businesses and not-for-profit organisations. These challenges are being keenly felt by the disability support sector, and the way in which we respond to these challenges will affect our organisation now and into the future. 

The Sharing Places Board is closely monitoring the changing circumstances and ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the operations of our organisation. Together with the management team, the Sharing Places Board is responding to the challenges in a proactive and transparent fashion based on the best information and evidence available to us. 

The Sharing Places Board is committed to ensuring that Sharing Places maintains our strong duty of care to our staff, our participants, and other community stakeholders to preserve their health, safety and wellbeing throughout this period. We will continue to provide our support services in a safe manner, based on the most up-to-date health advice from the government and a thorough risk assessment, supported by appropriate risk mitigation strategies. We are also ensuring that our staff has access to specialised COVID-19 training and to health and wellbeing support information and assistance, to ensure that they can safely continue to deliver services. The Sharing Places Board is also committed to ensuring that Sharing Places continues to communicate clearly and transparently with all of you as the crisis unfolds and we adapt our services. 

Importantly, the Sharing Places Board is committed to preserving the medium-term financial position of Sharing Places, to ensure that our organisation remains viable so that we can continue to provide services to our participants, and keep our staff employed. One of the Board’s key priorities over several years has been to strengthen the financial position of the organisation, to ensure that we are equipped to deal with unexpected events such as these. Our strong financial position - coupled with possible support that we may receive in the coming months from the ACT and Commonwealth Governments - means that Sharing Places should be able to continue to operate throughout the crisis period and into the future. 

The Sharing Places Board extends our well wishes to all our staff, participants and their families and carers during this difficult time. We hope that you are all staying safe and keeping healthy throughout this period.

The Sharing Places Board and Sharing Places Management Team